About Us



GREAT E-Liquid that tastes amazing!

That HAS to be #1 right? What would be the point of all of this if it wasn’t? We only release new flavors when they are ready. We will never rush the process of creating the best tasting liquid on the market just to fill our site with labels. When a flavor has reached perfection, it will be added and not a moment before.


GREAT Customer Service!

We have been in this industry for years and understand clearly the value of treating our customers right. Directly behind making the best e-liquid possible, quality customer service is our absolute top priority.



We understand that loyalty goes BOTH directions. We appreciate our customer’s loyalty to us and commit to an unwavering loyalty to YOU, our customer.

a few words about us

Why did I create an E-Liquid line and start this company?

I have been in the vaping industry as a vendor for years, but I have never created anything. Someone I respect a great deal pointed that out to me a while ago and those words have stayed with me. The products that I have sold in the past have been other company's products or products that I have enhanced or converted to make them appropriate for our industry, but I have never created anything that I could consider to be my own. Until now.

I will not wine and dine you into a long winded elegant paragraph about how this industry has changed my life. In short, it has. I am a Sub-40 year old man who is able to enjoy working from home, spending time raising my daughter and being a great father while doing my best to be a good husband to my wife. I will be forever grateful for what this industry has provided for our family.

In truth there are 2 primary reasons that I've created this E-Liquid line. First, to give back to the community that has been so generous with my family by creating something new to add to it. Second, to continue my personal goals to provide for my family. Honesty, isn't it a beautiful thing? I make no apologies for making money in this industry, that is the point of being in business after all. What I will however commit to is to doing my very best to provide the best quality e-liquid and products to this industry for you to enjoy that may hopefully make a difference in your life.

Whether we are helping someone who is attempting to change their life by converting from smoking to vaping or offering someone who is a long term Vaper an option to continue their commitment to a better life through vaping we hope that we are making a positive difference at the end of each and every day. If we can do that, then we will consider ourselves successful.

Jeremy Colvin
Owner of VapePour LLC
Jennifer Colvin
Co-Owner of VapePour LLC